Founded by the husband and wife team of Les and Rebekah Garner and maintaining a strong roster of artists talented in an amazing variety of 3D art disciplines, Sixus1 Media is always ready for the challenges of your next production. Sixus1 Media has provided art services for a plethora of clientelle in industries such as PC gaming, broadcast television, large scale event planning, various forms of print publications, corporate media and many more.

At Sixus1 Media, we pride ourselves on not only the qualty of what we produce, but the timeliness in which it is produced and the honest, reliable service our clients and customers recieve along the way.

At Sixus1 Media, our goal is this: to provide the highest grade services to our clients and customers at competitive rates and in a fast, efficient timeframe. It's just that simple.


Product support, quotes, billing and all general questions can be directed to

To contact Les Garner

Phone:1- 513-692-6077

Sixus1 Media
1026 Sunset Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45205

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