What is Sixus1 Media?

About Sixus1…

Founded in 2001 by artist Les Garner, after having worked under the psuedonym “Sixus1” throughout the 90’s, Sixus1 Media has been a staple of the 3D content community since it’s earliest days, as well as an ongoing production resource for a variety of clientelle throughout the gaming, film, advertising and comic industries, working with clients including Sony BMG, Intel, Formula One Racing, Anomaly Production, Skystorm Studios/Afterburn Comics, Insane Comics, Renga Media/Renegade Media LTD UK, Smith Micro, and Daz 3D, as well as providing experimental animation developments for academic institutions including Yerkes Primate Research and Unviersity of Cincinnati.

Sixus1 Media is:

Les Garner: founder, owner, producer, artist, animator, writer, all around production lead
Killian Garner: 3D modeling, texturing and character rigging specialist
Brent Bowers: webmaster, writer, producer, video/film editor/director
Gina Brytowski: 3D clothing production specialist
Promotional Artists: Antoine Lamuserie, Camilla Darkenborg, Vicki Leversedge, Cherie Sibley Bell
3D Print Production: Kirk Kirkland/Collapse Industries Inc.
Comic/graphic novel artists: Les Garner, Tasos Anastasiades