Sixus1 officially welcomes aboard Josh P. Crockett with the release of “The Yeti”

#‎DazStudio‬ users looking for something monstrous? Concept artist extraordinaire Josh P Crockett officially joins the team at Sixus1! You may have seen our collaboration earlier this year on his “Droeb” alien figure, and now that relationship moves to the next level as we welcome Josh aboard as the newest Concept Artist/Render Artist on the S1M team! Already having worked together on some very interesting DS/Poser projects (see: film and collectibles…), the time is right to bring Josh P Crockett, an old friend of mine for some years, into the fold in a more official capacity. So, welcome him and all his ghoulish skills by checking out the new “Yeti”, exclusively for the Genesis 3 Male figure in Daz Studio!

Sixus1 & Josh P. Crockett’s “Yeti” for Daz Studio Genesis 3 Male at the official Sixus1 Store

Sixus1 & Josh P. Crockett’s “Yeti” for Daz Studio Genesis 3 Male at CGBytes

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“Captain America” acryllics on illo board

CaptainAmerica_May_2016_AcryllicsOnBoardKnocked out a new painting this morning, exploring some new stylistic ground for myself. More to come like this? I think so. Feels good to get away from the computers and just paint!

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