Comics, comics and more comics…

Looking back on my career as an artist, I find it incredibly appropriate and satisfying to be up to my eyeballs in comic book and graphic novel work again. Twenty years ago, that’s where I began, doing indy comics and hoping to make a career out of it. Two decades and a really bizarre road of art jobs that began with and have paralleled the whole “digital” revolution caused me to pick up skills in a lot of interesting disciplines, but all those roads consistently lead back to the funny pages. I like that. My friend, Bill Nichols, who helped get a cocky 19yr old me pointed in the right direction is now on board to help write Apocalypse Girl. If you haven’t seen the teaser chapter on our site, go there and read it now. You won’t be disappointed…. I hope. After shelving it for some time, I’m nearly finished with colors and dialogue on the 15 page teaser chapter for our other in-house comic project, “The Sons of Perdition”. Then there’s all the bleeding edge stuff we’re pumping out for the folks with Anomaly Productions, doing augmented reality animations that supplement their gigantic graphic novels. Last but most certainly not least, preliminary work has begun on a wholly new incarnation of Dominator, the brain child of my good friend Tony Luke and legendary comics writer Alan Grant.

Add to that continuing to produce 3D content for our ever expanding online catalogs, supported so graciously by many users of Poser and Daz Studio out there, as well as putting plans together to finally get Sixus1 Media showing in at least a few of my favorite midwest and southeast comic book conventions next year and it’s pretty safe to say we are busy, busy, busy.

Stick around folks. We have some really cool stuff coming together…. will be showing some peaks here and there soon. -Les

“In Her Den”

Finalizing my art pieces that will make up the bulk of the promo for the second installment in the “Outlanders” series, “Mama Shotgun”. While the full rendered pieces will be used on the products, I’m absolutely in love with doing these pen and ink style renders in Poser 2014. The style I’m managing to reach with them is starting to land somewhere between Tim Bradstreet and Travis Charest, something I’m very pleased with. More details on “Mama Shotgun” to come…InHerDen InHerDen_Rendered


Something wicked this way comes…

… Ok, well, maybe it’s something wicked that’s been here for almost 13 years, but whatever, right? Point is, the new Sixus1 website is under way. A lot has changed in all these years. Having been providing content and support for Poser users for longer than most folks have known it even existed means we’ve seen a lot come and go, which includes a few different iterations of our own site and the community forums that were a lot of fun at times but frankly, an absolute headache to maintain. With social media like Facebook and Twitter having become ubiquitous to how most folks seem to use the web, it seemed to us that it was time to streamline and retool things for ourselves once again. Gone are the forums, which I know were a great little hangout for some folks. Thing is, though, most of those folks had already begun to converse with us and each other far more often via Facebook which I have no problem with as those conversations are then more readily visible to folks who may know little to nothing of Sixus1. Couple that with all the ways posts and conversations are shared all over Facebook and it just makes sense for us to strip out the deadwood of old forums.

So why a blog? A number of reasons.

1. Easy maintenance. While initially getting this up and running is some effort for Rebekah (we won’t EVEN get into that right now… man, she busts her chops on this stuff… keep on sleepin’ darlin’; you’ve earned it!), there’s just something about the blog format that works well as a means of delivering info and updates that folks might have an interest in.

2. Getting current: Just like with Facebook as opposed to forums, the whole blog thing has become kind of ubiquitous to the web. I’m slow to change and very set in my ways, but it just seems like it’s way past due for us to step forward on this.

3. Simplicity: As we do this, I’m starting to really “get it” as to why this stuff has worked for so many folks posting info on every subject under the sun. It’s straightforward and pretty simple to keep up with. I like that. I’ll use that. And that means a much more up to date, dynamic We’re keeping the layout and design on this super simple. Spartan even. The focus of is art, so there won’t be any cluttering up of the place. It’s simple to view, simple to update, simple to use. Simple. Simple. Simple. I like Simple. The work we do can get REALLY complicated. Our website should not be.

4. Mobility: While we are still heavily focused on content development for the Poser market, there are other areas we’re finally pushing into, things I’ve been anxious to do for a very long time, and others I’ve been away from for far too long. A lot of these developments now embrace at least a component of mobility, as people now use phones and tablets for much of the media they interact with, so having a site that is simple enough that it may be more easily deployed on those platforms is a very good thing.

So, there you have it. Though never really went away, this is definitely a new beginning. Some awesome stuff is in the works for our little studio. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Les Garner
aka: Sixus1


New Site

As you can see, the old forums are now gone as they were very under-used….even by us. It seems to me that forums have gone the way of dial-up modems and floppy discs. So, we will do most of our communicating with users, customers, fans and friends though blog posts and Facebook. Let the new era commence !

Oh yeah, the store is still up and running and can be found here: