Now available at Daz3d: “Warbeasts: Uhrag”
“Uhrag Cavalry Pack” and “Uhrag Texture Pack”

Previews of new things coming…

So, I’ve been quiet lately. Real quiet. Know that means? Means I’ve been working. Hard. Turning out the good stuff. I don’t post previews for a lot of reasons, but here’s a tiny, tiny taste of just a couple things coming… you’re welcome. 🙂

Now at Daz! Krampus!!!

Krampus! Just in time for Christmas!!!

“Krampus” is a 100% original figure from the minds of Les and Killian Garner of Sixus1, now massively enhanced exclusively for Daz Studio!


Thick fur….


Chains to bind those naughty boys and girls…


Dapper red and gold winter wear…

krampus_03 krampus_04

All in a package with a wicked sense of ominous holiday humor to inject a little something monstrous into your Yuletide season!!!