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Anyone who has worked as an artist, especially in 3D, knows that it’s a “project based” world. This means many things, but one is that if you’re doing client, “pro” work, it might be great, but it’s always temporary. The 3D content world is the PERFECT place to keep your skills in top shape, thoroughly cut loose creatively AND build an income that will ‘float’ you through those down times, or maybe become your primary revenue on it’s own! In The Sixus1 Mentoring Video Tutorial Series, I will guide you, whether an absolute 3D beginner, or a professional looking for new alternatives, through the skills and processes you need to master to most successfully navigate the 3D content world! As one of the longest standing vendors in the field, I’ll be sharing the many things I’ve learned through all these years of experience, from production to business, art and design, and much, much more.

There are amazing opportunities to be had, if only we will step out of our comfort zones and go make them. Yes, I make 3D art. But more than that, I make opportunities. I would invite you to come along for that ride. It often ends up in some amazing and exciting places!!!


Now Available at Daz3d: Skinchangers for Genesis 3 Female!!!

Throw back your head and howl!!!!! Skinchangers, the massively feature rich werewolf kit from yours truly at Sixus1 now available for the Genesis 3 Female at Daz3d!!!!


By herself or great for scenes with her male counterpart, Skinchangers for Genesis 3 Female brings the same exhaustive feature set from the original Skinchangers kit to the Genesis 3 Female!

Far more than just a “morph”, this intensely detailed character set for the Genesis 3 Female includes finely sculpted HD morph, two texture sets, add on tail and hair conformers, plus extensive rigging additions that not only give a vision of the modern, upright werewolf concept, but also variations for going from biped to quadruped that are fully animate-able and poseable at any stage of “the change”.

What’s Included and Features

  • Skinchangers Female: (.DUF)
    • Skinchangers Wolves Complete
    • Skinchangers Wolves Additive
    • Skinchangers Wolves Fur and Tail
    • Skinchangers Wolves Character Preset
  • Morph Dials:
    • Wolves Cranium Shallow
    • Wolves Descending To Fours
    • Wolves Ears Upright
    • Wolves Feet Dewclawed
    • Wolves Feet More Aggressive
    • Wolves Hands Dewclawed
    • Wolves Longer Face
    • Wolves Palms Extend
    • Wolves Thick Fingered Paws
  • Pose Controls:
    • Wolves All Fours
    • Wolves Full Lupine
  • Skinchangers Wolves Tail:
    • 05 Pose Controls
  • Hair:
    • Skinchangers Wolves Arms Fur
    • Skinchangers Wolves Body Fur
    • Skinchangers Wolves Legs Fur
    • Skinchangers Wolves Tail Fur
  • 10 Skinchangers Hierarchical Poses
  • Iray Material Options:
    • Skinchangers Tail Brown
    • Skinchangers Tail Grey
    • Skinchangers Tail White
    • Skinchangers Fur Brown Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Fur Grey Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Fur White Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Brown + Brown Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Brown + Grey Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Brown + White Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Grey + Brown Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Grey + Grey Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Grey + White Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
  • Textures Include:
    • 39 Texture, Normal, and Transparency Maps (1024 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
    • This product uses Custom Maps
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Now available at Daz3d: the Creech Suite!!!

Huge suite of products around our latest creature release in conjunction with our long time friend and partner Grebro, “Creech for Genesis 3 Male and Female”, plus an awesome suite add ons!!!

…And don’t forget to check out these pose kits from Quixotry and Capsces to complete your Creech collection!!!!

Senshu Kami Ippon (“Tyrant Demon, the First”)

“Senshu Kami Ippon” (Tyrant Demon the First)

A massive creature of exposed musculature and bone formations, it’s grotesque appearance only surpassed by it’s talent for violence and insantiable hunger, the “tyrant demon” first appeared in a village a few kilometers from the original Fukushima site, randomly laying waste to anything in it’s path. First seen after the Kyoushin (Great Earthquake), the horrific “Senshu Kami Ippon”, it’s name given to news media initially through the broken Japanese of an American present at an early sighting, and so dubbed for the way in which it seemed to command and dominate the other Kaku No Oni, it was his terrible presence and the carnage left in his wake which became the catalyst leading the prefecture authorities to assemble the first Paranormal Response Task Force.
SenshuKamiIppon_CGB_1 SenshuKamiIppon_CGB_2 SenshuKamiIppon_CGB_3 SenshuKamiIppon_CGB_4

“Senshu Kami Ippon”, an original figure for Daz Studio, now available exclusively at CGBytes!