Comics, comics and more comics…

Looking back on my career as an artist, I find it incredibly appropriate and satisfying to be up to my eyeballs in comic book and graphic novel work again. Twenty years ago, that’s where I began, doing indy comics and hoping to make a career out of it. Two decades and a really bizarre road of art jobs that began with and have paralleled the whole “digital” revolution caused me to pick up skills in a lot of interesting disciplines, but all those roads consistently lead back to the funny pages. I like that. My friend, Bill Nichols, who helped get a cocky 19yr old me pointed in the right direction is now on board to help write Apocalypse Girl. If you haven’t seen the teaser chapter on our site, go there and read it now. You won’t be disappointed…. I hope. After shelving it for some time, I’m nearly finished with colors and dialogue on the 15 page teaser chapter for our other in-house comic project, “The Sons of Perdition”. Then there’s all the bleeding edge stuff we’re pumping out for the folks with Anomaly Productions, doing augmented reality animations that supplement their gigantic graphic novels. Last but most certainly not least, preliminary work has begun on a wholly new incarnation of Dominator, the brain child of my good friend Tony Luke and legendary comics writer Alan Grant.

Add to that continuing to produce 3D content for our ever expanding online catalogs, supported so graciously by many users of Poser and Daz Studio out there, as well as putting plans together to finally get Sixus1 Media showing in at least a few of my favorite midwest and southeast comic book conventions next year and it’s pretty safe to say we are busy, busy, busy.

Stick around folks. We have some really cool stuff coming together…. will be showing some peaks here and there soon. -Les