This is my Box.

Today begins the first official production week in the new studio. I cannot understate how amazing this work space is, and equally, the thought process it has generated in me. Note: one of my crazy philosophical introspections follows… read at your peril.
It’s funny to me how on the one hand, a room is really just a big box, so it’s not like it’s that big a deal, but it can also be many other things: a home, a work space, a stage, venue, gallery, arena… but it’s just a box, right? A box is never really just a box, though: it is what you choose to make that box into, what you choose to make it’s purpose to be and how effectively you can structure that box toward that purpose can make it a truly amazing thing. There’s a cycle to be recognized there: a better box can facilitate your purpose; working hard toward your purpose will lead to a better box. The “box” can be anything: home, clothing, quality of food, literally quality of anything in life. And it’s a cycle that goes both ways: work hard toward improvement and achievement and it becomes a positive cycle that lifts; fall to one’s worst tendencies toward failure and entropy and watch it turn into a cycle that drives you further down. Understand that you will fail and that the natural tendency is to fail because failing is effortless and everyone has lapses in their effort; everyone skips a beat sometimes. The goal is to always push forward, and even when you slip backward in some way, forgive yourself for that and set those sights back on the forward momentum, the upward spiraling cycle of attaining goals and building greater and greater success. One direction is a pit that pulls you in, sometimes quite literally into the depths of Hell; the other is a difficult climb, a very hard, uphill path with challenges at every turn, seeking to knock you back down into that pit. In a very real way, it’s like the road to Hell vs. the path to Heaven, if you think about it: do nothing and watch how things fall apart; how quickly you will find yourself in a very real, very present Hell. Work as hard as you can, set those goals and refuse to let setbacks stop you and maybe, just maybe, you’ll start inching closer and closer toward a very real, very present kind of Heaven. It’s also interesting in thinking about this that there are qualities of those concepts that are inherently infinite: no matter how far you fall, there is always more Hell to be had and it takes no effort at all to allow yourself to devolve into absolutely calamitous misery; no matter how far you climb, there is always something better, some greater level of “Heaven” to be had, and it never gets any easier to reach that next tier.
I find it interesting how many levels things work on. Living alone now, something I deserve, is honestly a very scary thing because being alone with my thoughts has always unnerved me a little. So, I’m choosing to take it as an opportunity to take that internal “highway to Hell” and figure out what the opposite direction, the “stairway to Heaven”, to continue borrowing from my amusing music references, actually looks like. There is no route to Hell that doesn’t have an opposite, and so I think that this new experience can be turned into another way to push back that chaos and entropy and, maybe, hopefully, figure out a number of things, plot a path that is mentally positive, constructive and leads to good things ahead. Choosing how one sees things is important, and this is what I choose in this new chapter of life.
This is my new “box” and it is glorious.