Mama Shot Gun for V4


Package Includes:
8 “Super Conforming Clothing” – Blouse, Skirt, Cincher, Panties, Stockings, Shoes, Bandolier & leather Shoulder Armor
1 conforming Hair prop
3 Smart Props – Shotgun & Holster
20 Poses
Default Poser 9 material presets

REQUIRES V4 and Poser 9 or higher

See ReadMe for list of included morphs


Outlanders: Survivor

After the Fall of Civilization, the future of mankind is DANGEROUS….and it takes a SURVIVOR to make it. This is the story of a woman, both STRONG and BEAUTIFUL like a PREDATOR; she possess INTELLECT and WIT, FREEDOM of Spirit, the sheer WILL to SURVIVE it all.
What story are you going to tell?

Package Includes:
10 ‘Super Conformers’ – Belt, Boots, Gas Mask, Goggles, Hair, Shirt, Shorts, Vest, Shoulder Pad & Waist Wrap

22 Clothing Hide/UnHide Utility Poses for added Versitility
10 V4 Poses
Default Poser Material Settings (mc6)

*See the Readme.txt file for full listing of morphs !