Concept Sculpting Videos

Finally getting around to uploading more concept sculpt videos to our YouTube channel. Here are parts one and two of a new sculpt that I’m really liking the outcome of. Really creepy shape to this guy. Odds are it will end up a new character in Apocalypse Girl. Planning to add some things to it in the next couple days, just to flesh out where it’s going. -Les

Update: Added parts 3 and 4 to this, showing the character taken to it’s completed concept sculpt. Also, at the bottom are BPR renders out of Zbrush showing off the final look.

DecrepitGenomancer_Render1 DecrepitGenomancer_Render2 DecrepitGenomancer_Render3 DecrepitGenomancer_Render4 DecrepitGenomancer_Render5 DecrepitGenomancer_Render6



Package Includes:
Sledge Original Figure (cr2)
Conforming Harness/Armor (cr2)
Hammer and PickAxe Smart Props (pp2)
WheelBarrow w/smart prop rock pile (cr2 & pp2)
5 Sledge Poses; 1 default; 2 animated walk-cycle (upper and lower body)
5 ‘Friend’ pose sets for Sledge and V4 (pz2)
5 ‘Victim’ pose sets for Sledge and V4 (pz2)
14 Sledge ‘Prop’ poses (pz2)
Poser Material Settings (mc6)

Reptilez and Reptilez Warrior


Reptilez for Poser 9 and up


Package Includes:
Original Figure w/ morphs and textures
3 Advanced Proportion System Dials: Lanky, Squat & Youngling
3 Full Body Morphs: Massive (muscular), Overweight & Gaunt

4 pieces of conforming clothing:
bracers, leg bands, loin cloth and mask

3 smart props:
spear, shield and club

12 poses including grips and animated walk-cycle

Material presets



Package Includes:
4 conformers – Harness, Torso Armor, Gauntlets and Leg Armor
3 smart props – left and right Battle Axes & Helmet
10 poses

*Requires Reptilez from Sixus1