Hunter Fiend now for sale at Renderosity

“Some say the Devil himself spat out the horrors that we all hide from now, a punishment for mankind’s failures. Papa always said that was a load of crap. I’m not sure what made him so certain, but he truly believed most of those things had been human once.”
— Apocalypse Girl

Package Includes:
Original Figure – Hunter Fiend w/ textures & morphs
Conforming Pants
Machete Smart Prop (left & right)
Poses – 4 hunterfiend animated
5 V4 stand alone
16 interactive DUO poses(8 for the hunterfiend and 8 for V4)
7 Machete poses
Default Poser 9 material presets

This guy really amps up the use of advanced Poser 9/2012 features including:
* Advanced shader system setup attached to the full body morph dial for turning on the pustules on his back; it literally dials in degrees of the different texture setup with the morph so there is no clumsy setups needed. One dial does it all, morph and materials both!
* See that belly pouch? Seen the Apocalypse Girl comic pages yet? If you have, you’ll know there are two spindly arms tucked away in there. What’s particularly nifty here is that there is an animation cycle that is hard wired into a single dial on the character’s chest; using that dial will cycle through the unfurling or hiding of the arms as it peels back the belly skin. Again, one dial does it all, driving multiple body parts for a smooth, effortless animated transition.
* Also, the figure makes extensive use of skin weights and some really interesting techniques sort of buried in the skin weight system for creating rotationally driven muscle bulges joint blends.