Concept Sculpting Videos

Finally getting around to uploading more concept sculpt videos to our YouTube channel. Here are parts one and two of a new sculpt that I’m really liking the outcome of. Really creepy shape to this guy. Odds are it will end up a new character in Apocalypse Girl. Planning to add some things to it in the next couple days, just to flesh out where it’s going. -Les

Update: Added parts 3 and 4 to this, showing the character taken to it’s completed concept sculpt. Also, at the bottom are BPR renders out of Zbrush showing off the final look.

DecrepitGenomancer_Render1 DecrepitGenomancer_Render2 DecrepitGenomancer_Render3 DecrepitGenomancer_Render4 DecrepitGenomancer_Render5 DecrepitGenomancer_Render6


Interesting stuff coming in Poser 10/2014

As a part of the beta program behind Poser, I’ve gotten to see the cool new toys coming for a long time. Still, I’ve had my wishlist for at least that long, and while a lot on that list has been added inch by inch, there I haven’t always been as impressed with the advanced made in new versions of Poser. With Poser 10/2014, however, there is some serious maturity coming to play that I’m very excited about. With that in mind, I’ll be adding information to the blog here from time to time leading up to and past the release of Poser 10/2014 that is meant to illuminate and explore some of what the latest version has to offer, beginning with one of the most impressive new additions, their inclusion of the Open Subdiv architecture from Pixar.

Most Poser users at this point are aware, at least to some degree, of the availability of subdivision surfaces inside Poser by way of the “smooth polygons” option in the renders settings, though from my interaction with users it seems that the meaning of this option is still rather unclear. In simple terms, what it means is that by checking “smooth polygons”, any objects in the scene which also have smooth polys checked in their parameters will have their poly count multiplied by a factor of four and somewhat relaxed at render time to produce a smoother, more organic look. To date, Poser users have been stuck with one degree of subdivision and while that allows a certain extra level detail, by embracing the OpenSubdiv Architecture in the newest build of Poser, users will now not only have the option to subdivide at render time, but to see the results of subdivision in the viewport plus being able to dial in as many degrees of subdivision as they like. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for those of us creating content and the users of Poser alike, and I plan to go into some of those in a future installment. For now, however I’ll leave you with a link to the official pages at Pixar detailing the nuts and bolts of just what Open Subdiv Architecture is. Be forewarned: this is the deep stuff when it comes to 3D but it’s very interesting and I think, kinda cool to understand the deeper workings of the software we’re using to do this crazy art form of ours.  -Les

Open Subdiv Architecture from Pixar

Update: Scarlet in final testing stages, first wave of support nearing final testing. Woohoo!

Well, it’s been almost a year now that we’ve been working on our new human figures, Scarlet and Jonathan, if we don’t count the various preliminary builds of them we’ve done over the past three to four years previously. The work going into these has been exhaustive, changing with versions of Poser, incorporating the latest features and combining things in ways to create a set of human figures that are the best we’ve ever offered, and I would wager some of the strongest, most versatile and user friendly in the 3D content world. As we approach the announcement of our release date for Scarlet, the first of the two figures due out soon, you’ll see more images and info posted here and shared through Facebook and other sites showcasing various aspects of these new figures and the incredible array of support packages lined up for them.

Scarlet is on her way, and we couldn’t be more excited. I hope to see many new and old users alike adopting these figures, and reaping the benefits of the unprecedented level of up front development and post-release support we’ve dedicated to Scarlet and Jonathan. We chosen a select group of my personal favorite artists from the world of Poser users to have the opportunity to test, give feedback and create artwork with these figures in advance, and if the results are any indication, Scarlet and Jonathan should really spur some amazing creativity and art from the folks who add them to their runtime. In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating our site to add a special “S1M Choice Artists” gallery where we’ll be collecting the cream of the crop and giving special recognition to artists we feel particularly strongly about, starting with our select group of advance artists.

A lot of good things are coming… we’ll keep you posted… -Les