Comics & Illustrated Fiction

All my life I’ve loved comic books. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t read comics, stare in awe at the incredible art of guys like Neal Adams, Joe Kubert, Esteban Maroto, Mobius, Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller, or the granddaddy of them all, Jack “The King” Kirby. Comic books have been a passion, an obsession of mine in all their forms since I was a small kid. Batman, Superman, X-Men, you name it, all the old classics were like best friends for me when I was small. As a teen in the late 80’s, I found my way to less mainstream fare through publishers like Dark Horse and Caliber, and when the 90’s hit, was utterly floored by the revolution that was Image Comics, and more specifically, Spawn. Through the early to mid 90’s, I was fortunate enough to live, to at least a small degree, a dream I’d had all my life: to make my living drawing and writing comics. Sure, I wasn’t doing Batman, or Spawn, but the little indy publisher who backed me in those days treated me incredibly well, gave me all the room I could ask for to grow and be creative, and though it never achieved much commercial success at the time, it’s one of the experiences I treasure most in my life (Thanks Rick!).

Still, eventually that time had to pass. The comic book industry went through a series of seismic upheavals, and in retrospect, I seemed to have landed, right in the middle of the worst possible time to attempt to break into the industry. Eventually, the necessity of a “real job” reared it’s ugly head, and I was fortunate enough to parlay my experience in comics into a staff job with a print and advertising firm, right as this whole “digital” thing was just starting to catch on. I took to the tech, and through it, found myself moving into 3D in some of it’s earliest forms, building models in the first version of Ray Dream, and in the old 3D Studio Dos, and of course, the first version of Poser, then published by Metacreations. Moving forward, I branched out my art career, helping run airbrush stores while also stepping into art director positions for a number of web and media companies, and finally, founding Sixus1 Media with my beautiful wife, Rebekah.

Then the years roll by.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love what I do with 3D. There’s something fascinating about it that I never lose. But, deep down, I’ve always been hungry to go back to the well, back to that place where it all began for me: comics. I love comics. Always have. Always will. In my mind, there is no higher form of expression than the combination of visual art and written word as presented through comic books.

So, here we are. The new site, piece by piece, rolling it’s way out into the great big digital world. And while, of course, there is a lot of 3D art and information to be found here, it is with no small amount of satisfaction that we’ve decided to add a special section to the site that dedicated to the new comic book projects I am so excited to have getting off the ground. It’s been a long, long time, since I was able to dedicate the time and energy to crafting stories and art in that favorite format of mine. Far too long, truth be told. And while the delivery system might, at least for now, be digital (print editions, you will happen… oh yes, you will… one day…. soon….), the love and effort going into them, the passion driving me back to my first artistic love is stronger than ever.

I invite you, dear viewer, to come along now and return often, for the stories and art that are what I have wanted to do for so long now. Thanks for spending a little of your time in these pages, and in these little worlds, with the characters who are constantly kicking the crap out of each other to see who’ll get out of my head and into a page, story or screen next. They’re a feisty bunch, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Les Garner
October, 2012