Sixus1 Media brings together an enormously talented, skilled and eclectic group of people from a variety of artistic disciplines to produce the bleeding edge content we are known for. Agility is a crucial component of business today, so our approach is to keep a shortlist of the best people around, ready to jump to action producing outstanding, visionary work, matching their aesthetic and technical strengths with your projects particular needs.  Our artistic lineup can be very fluid, as we contract and expand for projects, markets and whatever needs our clients and commercial customers bring our way.

Below you will find a listing for and links to the work of some of our ongoing roster of artists, collaborators and associates:

Les Garner
Founder/owner/producer, principal artist and technical director

Rebekah Garner
Co-founder; management

Killian Garner
Modeling, texturing and rigging generalist and creature specialist, sculpting, concept art


Brent Bowers
Rendering and promotional artist, product concept development and testing, web master

Gina Brytowski
Clothing modeling, rigging and texturing specialist

Antoine DeLamuserie
Rendering and promotional artist

Camilla Darkenborg
Rendering and promotional artist

Cherie Sibley Bell
Rendering and promotional artist

Vicki Leversedge
Rendering and promotional artist

Kirk Kirkland/Collapse Industries
3D Print production and mold making specialist; physical modeling and paint production