Camilla Drakenborg

A full time mother & freelance artist, Camilla “stumbled” into 3D promotional artwork about 4 years ago, soon thereafter launching one of the premier  promotional art groups in the 3d content business, all the while also creating private promotional works for vendors and studios such as Sixus1 Media.

Camilla’s artistic interest is primarily portraits & fantasy themed art, though she is truly a well rounded artist in any genre she sets her sights on. A freelance 2D artist for over 15 years prior to moving into 3D rendering, Camilla has successfully sold prints & commissions for clients all over the world including a featured portrait in the renowned art book series Exposé (vol. 8 is where you will find her work) by Ballistic publishing.

Below are some samples of the incredible work Camilla brings to Sixus1!