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Anyone who has worked as an artist, especially in 3D, knows that it’s a “project based” world. This means many things, but one is that if you’re doing client, “pro” work, it might be great, but it’s always temporary. The 3D content world is the PERFECT place to keep your skills in top shape, thoroughly cut loose creatively AND build an income that will ‘float’ you through those down times, or maybe become your primary revenue on it’s own! In The Sixus1 Mentoring Video Tutorial Series, I will guide you, whether an absolute 3D beginner, or a professional looking for new alternatives, through the skills and processes you need to master to most successfully navigate the 3D content world! As one of the longest standing vendors in the field, I’ll be sharing the many things I’ve learned through all these years of experience, from production to business, art and design, and much, much more.

There are amazing opportunities to be had, if only we will step out of our comfort zones and go make them. Yes, I make 3D art. But more than that, I make opportunities. I would invite you to come along for that ride. It often ends up in some amazing and exciting places!!!


Now Available at Daz3d: Skinchangers for Genesis 3 Female!!!

Throw back your head and howl!!!!! Skinchangers, the massively feature rich werewolf kit from yours truly at Sixus1 now available for the Genesis 3 Female at Daz3d!!!!


By herself or great for scenes with her male counterpart, Skinchangers for Genesis 3 Female brings the same exhaustive feature set from the original Skinchangers kit to the Genesis 3 Female!

Far more than just a “morph”, this intensely detailed character set for the Genesis 3 Female includes finely sculpted HD morph, two texture sets, add on tail and hair conformers, plus extensive rigging additions that not only give a vision of the modern, upright werewolf concept, but also variations for going from biped to quadruped that are fully animate-able and poseable at any stage of “the change”.

What’s Included and Features

  • Skinchangers Female: (.DUF)
    • Skinchangers Wolves Complete
    • Skinchangers Wolves Additive
    • Skinchangers Wolves Fur and Tail
    • Skinchangers Wolves Character Preset
  • Morph Dials:
    • Wolves Cranium Shallow
    • Wolves Descending To Fours
    • Wolves Ears Upright
    • Wolves Feet Dewclawed
    • Wolves Feet More Aggressive
    • Wolves Hands Dewclawed
    • Wolves Longer Face
    • Wolves Palms Extend
    • Wolves Thick Fingered Paws
  • Pose Controls:
    • Wolves All Fours
    • Wolves Full Lupine
  • Skinchangers Wolves Tail:
    • 05 Pose Controls
  • Hair:
    • Skinchangers Wolves Arms Fur
    • Skinchangers Wolves Body Fur
    • Skinchangers Wolves Legs Fur
    • Skinchangers Wolves Tail Fur
  • 10 Skinchangers Hierarchical Poses
  • Iray Material Options:
    • Skinchangers Tail Brown
    • Skinchangers Tail Grey
    • Skinchangers Tail White
    • Skinchangers Fur Brown Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Fur Grey Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Fur White Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Brown + Brown Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Brown + Grey Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Brown + White Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Grey + Brown Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Grey + Grey Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
    • Skinchangers Grey + White Fur Hierarchical Material Preset
  • Textures Include:
    • 39 Texture, Normal, and Transparency Maps (1024 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
    • This product uses Custom Maps
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Now Launching: Sixus1 Mentoring Weekly Tutorial series and bundles at Renderosity!

Sixus1 Mentoring: Tutorial Series

Are you a 3D hobbyist? Perhaps a fan of 3D art interested in learning how to make your own? Do you currently create 3D content, but would like to dramatically expand your skillset? Have you asked yourself if perhaps YOU could get into this “3D art thing” and create a new sideline income for yourself or even a completely new career?

The Sixus1 Mentoring Program Series is an answer to these questions and many more. With over 20 years of professional art and 3D production experience, let “Sixus1 himself”, Les Garner, be your guide through the interesting, sometimes confusing, but incredibly creative, satisfying and potentially lucrative process of developing high quality work YOU can profit from in the 3D content market.

Organized around a concept of “teaching by project”, these video series will take you from start to finish through 3D content projects of varying scales and difficulty levels, providing production proven training from an industry veteran in areas like:

  • Basic to advanced 3D modeling.
  • Character design.
  • UV and texture development.
  • Clothing development, including basic to advanced rigging techniques.
  • Character morph creation.
  • Character texture design and production.
  • Advanced, production proven techniques for massively increasing your efficiency
  • Workflow approaches and strategies to turn tasks eating days or weeks, into things you can do in a matter of hours.
  • Creature creation all the way from design to completed model, uv’s, textures, rigging, and any other polish such as poses, props, and other add-ons.
  • Fast, effective rendering tips and tricks.
  • Experienced guidance in creating effective and engaging promotional materials to best sell your work.

Interested? Here’s how to view these tutorials!

There are two options you have in viewing these instructional videos. This first series is a collection of four (4) individual tutorials and these can be purchased for $39.95 each. The first tutorial is available for purchase now and future tutorials will be released on Monday’s for the next three weeks. You can receive extra savings if you purchase these, and future tutorials, by 11:59pm (cdt) on Thursday, August 31st. Sale price will be $35.95.

The first video, Basic Modeling In Zbrush For Daz Studio, can be purchased HERE.

The second option is to purchase a subscription to this tutorial series. For $119.99 you’ll receive immediate access to ALL 4 video tutorials. As an extra incentive, we’re discounting the price of this series to $99.95 if you subscribe to the series by 11:59pm (cdt) on Thursday, August 31st.

To subscribe to the entire 4 part series, you can CLICK HERE.

  • Week 1Basic Modeling In Zbrush For DazStudio
  • Week 2ZBrush UV Master Deep Magic
  • Week 3Basic Texturing With Polypaint In Zbrush
  • Week 4Texture Output And Prop Setup In Zbrush And DS

Sixus1 Mentoring is an ongoing series of weekly instructional videos, accompanied, where appropriate, by supplimental materials such as models, in-app production assets like brushes, scripts, and a various toolsets for a variety programs like ZBrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Daz Studio and more, and all brought to you with professional production and concise, easy to watch editing, all designed from years of production and training experience to help YOU achieve the maximum results in your 3D.

Sixus1 Mentoring: Bringing YOU the skills to make your ideas a 3D reality!

About Sixus1

Founded in 2001 by artist Les Garner, after having worked under the pseudonym “Sixus1” throughout the 90’s – Sixus1 Media has been a staple of the 3D content community since it’s earliest days. They’ve been an ongoing production resource for a variety of clientele throughout the gaming, film, advertising and comic industries, working with clients including Sony BMG, Intel, Formula One Racing, Anomaly Production, Skystorm Studios/Afterburn Comics, Insane Comics, Renga Media/Renegade Media LTD UK, Smith Micro, and Daz 3D. Sixus1 Media has also provided experimental animation developments for academic institutions including Yerkes Primate Research and University of Cincinnati.

Sixus1 Media Team:

  • Les Garner: founder, owner, producer, artist, animator, writer, all around production lead.
  • Killian Garner: 3D modeling, texturing and character rigging specialist.
  • Brent Bowers: webmaster, writer, producer, video/film editor/director.
  • Gina Brytowski: 3D clothing production specialist.
  • Promotional Artists: Antoine Lamuserie, Camilla Darkenborg, Vicki Leversedge, Cherie Sibley Bell.
  • Comic/graphic novel artists: Les Garner & Tasos Anastasiades

“Les Garner’s Apocalypse Girl” officially signs for publication with Insane Comics!!!


For more information about Les Garner’s Apocalypse Girl, please visit, like and share our official Facebook page at:

Insane Comics, LLC


Insane Comics is pleased to announce the next title to be offered from their latest round of submissions – Les Garner’s Apocalypse Girl

Ashes and dust. That’s all that was left of the old world.

Sometimes Jedediah would try to tell me stories of how it used to be, but I couldn’t relate. He’d try to tell me about the war, but it was hard to listen when you were starving.

He had a word for what happened to the world. “APOCALYPSE”

Coming this winter from INSANE COMICS!
Les Garner’s Apocalypse Girl

Story and art – Les Lindon Garner

#InsaneComics #GoInsane #LesGarnersApocalypseGirl


Comics, Comics, Comics!!!

As we continue the ongoing site upgrades and updates, the comics section has been restored and updated! Come on back and check out what’s up with Apocalypse Girl and Sons of Perdition, with much more on the way!

Apocalypse Girl, Chapter One








Sons Of Perdition : Hound On The Road









Sons Of Perdition: Surrael’s Walk

Creech Creative Contest

Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner. Tasos Anastasiades takes the grand prize with, “Love Relections!” We were really blown away by the illustrative style and composition. Thanks to all who took part in this lively competition.

Hey folks! Got a little “underground contest” for you…

Get Creative with Creech Evolution Render Contest


Want to win $100 of Sixus 1 content? If so, it’s time to breakout those Creech Evolution ideas and create your best renders.




Your render must include either Creech Evolution for Genesis 3 Male or Female. These characters are highly kitable so even using something like just a hand morph or a webbed hand added onto another character will qualify.


Please create your images to at least 1000 pixels wide x 1300 tall. Retain the uncompressed render in case you win because we’d like to share the winning entry in full size, and (at the discretion of Daz3D), winning entries will be added to the promotional artwork on the Creech Evolution product pages.


Prize Redemption: The winner may redeem their prize of $100 worth of Sixus1 content, chosen from any combination of stores in which Sixus1 content may be found. The winner WILL need to PM Sixus1 Media with the names of their selections and/or links to them in the stores where they are found, at which point a private link will be provided for them, direct from our servers.


Entries may be submitted to this post. A winner will be chosen after midnight Eastern Standard Time on June 15, 2017


Good luck Renderers!