S1M Dinosaurs: Velociraptor

Dinosaurs, creatures from the past…perfect for Fantasy, Horror or even Sci-Fi renders.  Pick yours up today and get interesting. 
Package Includes:
Original Velociraptor w/conforming Feathers Figures for Poser 
10 Poses (3 animated)
2 Textures Sets for Velociraptor
3 Texture Sets for the Feathers
Poser Material Settings
For more information, see ReadMe.txt

Available @ Sixus1.com and from Renderosity.com

S1M Dinosaurs: Stegosaurus

StegoaurusRendoFrontPagePromoDinosaurs, creatures from the past…perfect for Fantasy, Horror or even Sci-Fi renders. Pick yours up today and get interesting.

Package Includes:
Original Dinosaur Figure for Poser 
7 Poses (2 animated)
2 Textures Sets
Poser Material Settings
For more information, please see the ReadMe.txt

Available @ Sixus1.com and from Renderosity.com

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2 NEW Video Tutorials! Secrets of Poser Revealed: Morphing Tool & Render Passes



Over 60 minutes of instruction in 960 x 540 resolution

Tutorial Includes:
Part 1: Basic Functions
In this section we cover the basic functions of the Morphing Tool with explanations in layman’s terms about each of the actions it is capable of.
Part 2: Advanced Functions and Settings
Here we delve deeper into the Morphing Tool, looking at the various settings that can be used to enhance the way the tool works allowing things like morph mirroring and polygon masking that help create a more focused and efficient work flow.
Part 3: Sculpting A Custom Morph
In part 3 we dig into the primary use of the Morphing Tool, that of sculpting custom morph targets. In our video, we show a full, start to finish development of a believable and useable shape on the face of Victoria 4, all the while discussing the various techniques and intricacies you’ll see demonstrated in real time.
Part 4: Clothing Poke-through Fixes
A more utilitarian aspect of the Morphing Tool, is it’s use in correcting poke-through on problematic clothing meshes. In this video we demonstrate how to accomplish these adjustments quickly and easily using the bodysuit conforming figure which we’ve also included. 
Part 5: Using the Morphing Tool With Dynamic Cloth
A more advanced and relatively undocumented use of the Morphing Tool that we cover here is how it can be used to create sculpts on a piece of dynamic cloth in order to correct errors in the simulation, add shape enhancements beyond what the simulation may have yielded, and bake out the combined effect of these to a single, reliable, reusable morph.

Tutorial includes over an hour of instruction in 7 zipped MP4 files covering compositing and post-work using render passes, giving you new skills to enhance your artwork like never before. 

Part 1: Overview – A brief introduction to the concepts that are covered in the following chapters including a brief description of the difference between “render passes” and “render layers”. Includes a quick look at using “Groupings” in newer versions of Poser to emulate render layers.

Part 2: Getting Started – Here we take a look at where you can find the your render passes in the render settings dialogue, and cover what these mean and alternate applications they may have.
Part 3: Passes in Photoshop – The powerhouse of Render Passes comes in compositing the passes using Photoshop or another image editor. Here we discuss setting up the layers for compositing and as well as touching on ways one can alter their render pass layers inside Photoshop to further enhance their overall effect.
Part 4: Shadow Pass – In this chapter we go over the Shadow Pass, useful ways of incorporating it into your composite, and some techniques for altering the shadows of your image at this stage without the need for re-rendering.
Part 5: Depth Effects – One of the most powerful aspects of rendering in passes is the creation of a Depth Pass. Here we discuss a variety of ways in which the Depth Pass may be used to create fogs, hazes, and color adjustments, as well as giving you some fundamentals through which you can explore and come up with your own ways to incorporate this incredibly useful tool.
Part 6: Toon ID – As a kind of alternate to “render layers”, here we show how Toon ID rendering can be used to isolate elements of an image and give you the ultimate in control of post-render corrections and alterations.
Part 7: Camera Blur – Last, but certainly not least, we return to the Depth Pass and show you how to use it in conjunction with a Lens Blur filter to achieve incredible depth of field and camera back effects in real time.