Les L. Garner

Often times referred to as “Sixus1”, Les L. Garner founded Sixus1 Media in the spring of 2001 as a logical next step in his career as an illustrator, 3D modeler/animator and art director throughout the 90’s for a variety of independent comic book companies and media firms. Targeting the fledgling online 3D content market with his expertise and creativity as a character designer, technical director and rigging specialist, Les’ name became a staple of that industry from it’s earliest days, eventually rolling that experience into taking on clients from the video game, film, tabletop gaming, collectibles and comic book industries.

Les L. Garner’s career began at age 19, leaving college to pursue his passion of comic book illustration, with his earliest published works releasing just prior to his 20th birthday. Some 23 years later, his work has been present throughout a wide variety of media industries, always characterized by an aggressive, uncompromising degree of enthusiasm and creativity.

Currently, alongside his continued work in the 3D content field, Les is hard at work completely the last 3 issues of his first creator owned comic, the 6 issue limited series “Les Garner’s Apocalypse Girl” for Insane Comics, with the first issue due for publication in winter 2017.

Outside of his work as an artist, Les is a lifelong musician, capable with a variety of instruments, but specializing in guitar. He also enjoys church, armchair philosophy studies, and is a dedicated student of Shotokan karate-do and Kobudo under Dwight Holley- Hanshi of the Karate of Japan Federation and DNBK, and is gradually attempting to learn more Japanese so as not to be completely lost when finally making the trip there.