The founder and n pseudonymous namesake of Sixus1 Media, “sixus1” himself, Les Garner, began what would become Sixus1 Media working as an illustrator and writer in the indy comic book industry of the early 1990’s.  While expanding his work into a wide variety of fields, Les has never left behind his love of comics, continuing for over two decades to work in and around the comic book industry in roles ranging from the traditional writer/penciller/inker to more experimental positions pushing forward the innovation of interactive, augmented reality comic based content working on the massive “Anomaly” (now slated for it’s own feature film), “Shifter” and “Between Worlds” graphic novels from Brian Haberlin’s Anomaly Productions.

Currently, Les is hard at work wrapping up production on his first creator owned property, “Apocalypse Girl”, releasing in November from publisher Insane Comics.

Apocalypse Girl: Covers and Promotional Art Gallery

Apocalypse Girl: Chapter One

Sons of Perdition: Hound On The Road

Sons of Perdition: Surrael’s Walk