Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014

The roundup from Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014: first off, thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of the preview chapter of Apocalypse Girl! This promotional section of the book is officially SOLD OUT including all the sketch cover variants! Met some great folks and got conversations started on a number of interesting new opportunities for us here at Sixus1, so hopefully there will be details to come on a number of new developments. On a personal note, got my New Teen Titans #s 1-3 signed by the legendary Marv Wolfman and George Perez , and in the setup time before the show started sunday, met the living legend, Neal Adams. Anyone who has followed my work for any amount of time knows I count Adams and Perez among my absolute biggest influences, so getting to finally meet these guys was just an amazing experience. Both were true gentlemen of their craft, classy and humble. This is probably our last show for the year, as it is time for us to get the last of the pieces together for the big Apocalypse Girl kickstarter campaign, as well as finish up some lingering client and internal projects, and get prepared for the roller coaster ride we know 2015 will be when we will be getting Apocalypse Girl off the ground, moving further into developments with Skystorm Games, possibly looking at a new film project (details to come…), getting our convention tour under way, launching our first foray into our own tabletop gaming property, and at some point in the middle of it all, moving into a new studio! Scary part is, as I think on everything lining up right now, there’s more beyond all that… 2015 promises to be a very hectic, but very cool year.