Sometimes, even over a holiday, you still have to keep the hands moving. As I get older, I’ve come to realize just how much of a physical act drawing really is, so even in some downtime, I try to sketch and study a little every day so that when I’m back at work, the hands haven’t started getting rusty. Here are some of the results of studies of my character “Apocalypse Girl”. -Les


AG_FaceStudies1 AG_Studies ApocalypseGirlPracticePortrait

Imaginative Creature Creation video series

I’m frequently asked to do more videos on original creature creation, especially in relation to using ZBrush, so with that in mind I’ve begun a new series of “Imaginative ¬†Creatures” videos that will appear on Imaginative Creature Creation. Be sure to head over and subscribe to our youtube channel to keep up with this and other video projects in the works.